Checkmate is a visual tag system that allows companies to easily ensure all of their plant and equipment is compliance through a simple digital tag system with automated reporting. It can be used on any equipment that requires an audit and audit questions can be customised to your business.


The Checkmate system both ensures and enforces compliance with the Health and Safety at Work etc Act 1974 & the Management of Health and Safety at Work Regulations 1999 and makes sure that all units are checked and up to the required operational standard at all times.


For assets that are deemed high risk they can be fitted with the LED tag. This tag flashes red when an audit is required or if the item is not compliant and once checked and fit for use the LED light turns green


Machinery is fitted with a Checkmate unit which uses near field communication to communicate with the Checkmate App.


A user “taps” the item with their smart phone and completes the relevant checks to identify if the unit is compliant or experiencing any issues.


If any defects are noted, these can be photographed and details noted.


Results are saved to a central database which provides reporting via a dashboard as well as alerts on urgent or overdue action.



Checkmate can be used on any equipment that requires an audit. This includes, but is not limited to:

  • Racking 

  • Forklifts 

  • Machinery

  • Building Security 

  • Trucks 

  • Reps Cars

  • Trailers 

  • Buses

  • Health Clubs

  • Gym Equipment


Frequently asked questions

Does Checkmate use Android or Apple?

Android device only and must have Near Field Communications (NFC) functionality.

Can I set my own audit questions?

Yes all checklists can be created and updated by you.

What temperatures can the devices work in?

They have been tested from minus 40 to plus 40, 3000 hours of shake testing and 1000 of intense UV.

How many items can I setup in Checkmate?

Unlimited assets can be configured.

Can I choose the frequency of checks for my business?

Yes the frequency is set on the checklists and can be daily, weekly, monthly or custom. Custom is based on 30 minute increments and a warning email can be generated in 15 minute intervals.

How do I know if an inspection has been missed?

A report can be set to run as often as you want and will show what hasn't been done and what is due to be done. Also this information is available in realtime on the dashboard.