The Checkmate concept was developed in order to allow businesses to conduct regular safety audits of their assets effectively.

The major challenge facing companies or individuals required to complete safety audits is that they are typically paper-based, making it difficult to quickly and easily check that all plant and machinery have undergone regular safety testing and that they continue to remain fit for purpose.

To ensure all items are compliant requires an individual to walk around all the items that require checking and review these against paper-based audit forms. This meant that visibility of identified repair issues were, at best spasmodic, and that often, once a new week of audits was started, the issues previously identified as requiring rectification were simply left with the assumption they were being resolved. This was further complicated by audits being undertaken across multiple business divisions with no reliable method of consolidating the information, or tracking the audits. With large numbers of plant and machinery requiring safety checks the problem continues to grow and put employees and the business at severe risk.

Checkmate was specifically designed to ensure a higher quality of checks are undertaken and that all plant and machinery is compliant and continually enables a higher level of focus on safety within the workplace. Checkmate is a 2020 product which has been developed during 2019. Work continues to further develop the business, thoroughly test the hardware we have established and develop the software using cutting edge technology with a team of technical experts.

The risks that Checkmate help businesses overcome are many.


The Health and Safety at Work etc Act 1974 puts the responsibility of ensuring your equipment meets safety standards firmly on your shoulders. With new penalties and tougher audits, can you afford not to take proactive action in your workplace?

Take the first steps to protecting your business and your staff.


We check over 250 items. These can be personalised to 30mins, 1 hour, once a day, once a week or monthly all with no paper output. Without a doubt this has improved the compliance and quality of the audits across the business and saves us time and money and the team LOVE it.

Roger Speakman – UK Industrial Services




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